Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter 7 The Magic Wristband

This is the magic wristband. It marks the wearer as a competitor in the events at Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit. It gets us into the VIP open bar at the Opening Ceremonies (where we, the surf kayakers, proceed to consume all the alcohol allotted for the 3 hour event in less than an hour.) It gets us into the music festival at night for free. And most importantly, it gets us past Carlos the Security Guard and into the boat storage locker so we can get our boats.

When we were first issued our wristbands, we were told that we’d be issued new bands every day. So after Opening Ceremonies, with the VIP open bar and the discovery of SuperBar and Carla’s mojitos and the fireworks show and people jumping into the pool and basically staying up too late because no competitions were scheduled for the next day, three members of Team USA West cut them off before collapsing into bed. Only to find that our boats were completely inaccessible the next day. And, we only had 2 extra wristbands. Neither of which came to me. So there was a day of having to have somebody else grab my boat out of storage for me, until we could get it all sorted out. In the end, I finally got a band, to the relief/amusement of Carlos.

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