Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter 13 (July 18) Semis and Noosa

Another early morning at Moffats.  They are going to finish the semis today, and all my teammates are in the semis.  I take my time getting to the beach, and basically hang around and cheer everyone on.   I do take some time for a work-related teleconference, which of course corresponds to a 1-hour break in the competition while we wait for the tide to change, so I don’t get to go free surf.  Kate and Rachael make it through to the finals in women’s HP, with Rachael also in the women’s IC final; Jimmy makes it through to the finals in Master’s IP and HC; and Buey is in the Junior’s HP and IC finals (there was no semi for these). 

We get done early, so I head up to Noosa to surf there.  This was the place that I surfed after a conference in 2007 and was hit in the head by a surfboard and knocked silly, and I was interested in going back.  I got there in the late afternoon and hiked my boat out to Tea Tree Bay.  I managed to leave the backband for my boat in the car, but no worries, because the waves were fairly small, but there were long nice rides in the evening sun.  I hiked back to the car as the sun set, drove home, made myself a big dinner, and crawled into bed.

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