Sunday, July 28, 2013

Epilogue and Credits

Well, I'm back in Kentucky.  I spent a day in Delaware to recover (and get my luggage back), and then drove back to Lexington, bringing my daughter Molly with me--but that's another story.

It was an excellent adventure all around.  

Congrats to Ted Morris, Txema Carreto, and Mark Mustchin, first, second and third in Grand Master’s.  We all agreed that in the 2015 World’s, when we are all over 60, that there should be a new competition class (we modestly suggest “Legends”) for the over-60 crowd!

Many thanks are offered to:

Boris and Elizabeth.  Thanks for the use of your house, for your hospitality, for taking me to the doc to get my ear looked at, and for driving me to and from the airport.

Team Westie:  Jimmy, Rachael, Kate, Devon, Mat, Buey and Saba.  You guys rock!  I miss you all already.

The organizers of the 2013 Championships!  You guys did a fantastic job!  Too bad the weather wasn’t exactly perfect, but everything else was.

Rob and Jana, thanks for logistics support in LA!  Good luck in the World Master’s Games in Turin!

My BWA and PPCS boating buds, thanks for the encouragement.

Finally, and as always, to She Who Is Small But Mighty:  Thanks again for supporting me on this adventure.  All my love, forever.

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