Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chapter 4 (July 12)

It’s raining again in the morning.  Every night it rains.  It then rains on-and-off all day.  Nothing is getting dry.

But this morning (as with each day so far) there is a lovely sunrise through the clouds.  On the eastern horizon is a huge on violent rain squall, back-lit by the rising sun.  And, as we watch, a funnel cloud descends from the southern edge of the storm, reaches down to the ocean surface, and a waterspout forms.  I manage to get my camera in hand only as it begins to dissipate.

I’m up for round 2 of Men’s HP Open this morning, with no more hope of scoring and advancing today than I had yesterday, but at least I have a bombproof roll again.  Which comes in useful, but as expected, I don’t advance.  The rest of my teammates do, however.  And the day turns sunny.  We agree to convene at someplace called Moffat Beach for a surf session later in the afternoon, and I run back to Coolum to do some errands and work-related stuff.

I get to Moffat late, after getting a bit lost along the way, and get in a few waves before heading back in to try Devon’s IC boat.  I can just barely squeeze into it, to the point that it is sort of dangerous:  my feet are in danger of slipping over/past the foot braces, meaning that one hard forward impact and I could be stuffed into the nose of the boat, with extraction being somewhat problematic.  Sigh.

Anyway, we have to head back to Twin Waters for another paddler’s meeting, where team seedings will occur.

 You can see the last of waterspout tailing down at the center of the photo.




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