Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter 15 (July 20) Nope, not today

We meet at Maroochydore Beach, at the Maroochy Surf Club, for the finals.  Conditions are fairly small, and there is a lot of standing around while the organizers figure out what we are going to do.  They finally decide to postpone the finals until the next day.  This is sort of problematic for me, since I have to leave for the airport by 11 AM to fly home, but they assure me that we’ll start early and I should be fine. 

Jimmy and I spend some time doing an aikido clinic on the beach, which is really fun.  Then Rachael and James and I head off to Noosa to go look for koalas, as there is supposed to be one hanging out in a tree right be the car park.  (I’d met some rangers who were doing a koala survey when I’d been there on Thursday, and they’d told me which tree the Koala was in, but it was dark by the time I got back to the car park and I never saw it that day.)  We got there, and sure enough, there he was, way at the top of a gum (eucalyptus) tree.  We then went for a hike and saw an echidna right next to the path.  Pretty cute little guy!

We then headed back to Twin Waters through a driving rainstorm and then caught a shuttle bus to the big party, which was being held at the Mudjimba Surf Club, complete with dinner, some free drink coupons, and a DJ.  It was scheduled to run until midnight, but with finals taking place early the next morning, most people were gone by 9PM.  I left just afterwards, and as far as I could tell, only the English, the Aussies, and the Basques were still hanging out.

Koala, high in a tree, munching leaves

Tea Tree Bay

Cool tree

Echidna.  What a little cutie.

An Australian turkey.  I wonder what they taste like….

Waterfall of Mt. Coollum.  It rained hard just before this.

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