Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter 9 (July 15) Day Off!

We have a much-appreciated rest today.  Surf conditions aren’t good, and it’s still raining.  Boris forgot to give me the keys to the laundry, but today I have time to call around to the real estate office that manages rental of the house and collect the laundry keys.  I’m able to wash some clothes (some of my polypro is starting to smell somewhat rank), and more importantly, get things dry.

I go grocery shopping, and drop by the library to check into the internet.  I collect email, I do a bunch of work stuff, and finally get some blog posts up. 

A big dinner at home, and I’m in bed an ready for tomorrow, when we are moving to Moffat Beach, a bit further south, with a 7:30 call.

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