Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter 14 (July 19) In which I play hooky

Today they are running the team finals.  It is pouring rain, and I’m going to stay home.  Elizabeth’s sister is taking the house over tonight, so I’m going to clean up the house, do laundry, and pack stuff up.  

I get the house cleaned, mopping floors, putting away dishes, vacuuming, etc., then head out for a quick free-surf.  Conditions aren’t great, kind of dumpy, but I paddle out and catch a few nice rides, then head back home, shower, clean and dry my gear, pack the car, and head to Twin Waters, where I am going to room with Mat for the next couple of nights.  He’s left the room open for me, so I drop my stuff and head to the Mooloolaba fish market area, where I splurge on a lovely dinner.  Then it’s back to the resort, where I crash out.  Call is for 7 AM tomorrow.

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